We are looking for people with diverse scientific backgrounds, in particular computer science, mathematics, statistics, physics and biological sciences, who are interested in the science and technology of genomics.

Postdoctoral Scholars

Please send a resume and brief cover letter describing your research interests and career goals to cgl-jobs@googlegroups.com

Graduate Students

Thinking about grad school? We are always looking for talented students interested in pursuing Masters or PhD degrees. Please send a resume and cover letter to cgl-jobs@googlegroups.com to chat about project opportunities. We mostly take students through the UCSC bioengineering program and the computer science program. Information about application deadlines and procedures, and about fellowships that are available for graduate students through UCSC, can be found on the following pages:

Undergraduate Students

  • We provide undergraduate research assistant positions to qualified students. We offer paid positions, volunteer internships and course credit. It’s a fantastic way to learn new skills and contribute to the development of genome science. Programming skills are a must. Please complete the following form. If selected, be prepared to complete a short programming challenge and interview. We will review every applicant, but due to volume, we may not be able to respond directly to your application. For applicants seeking course credit, there are options of taking 5 credits and 2 credits:
    • 5 credits will require a research commitment (in the lab) of roughly 15 hours per week.
    • 2 credits will require 8 hours.

    All undergraduate research assistants will be required to informally present a very brief update on their accomplishments at the CGL monthly group meeting. It’s a great way to meet other researchers and to become familiar with their work. Research assistants receiving course credit will also be required to make an oral or poster presentation at the end of the quarter.

    Applicants seeking course credit must apply in plenty of time to ensure admission for a given quarter. Research assistants receiving course credit may work with the lab on an ongoing basis, with discretionary renewal required each quarter.

    Outstanding research assistants may be offered paid or unpaid summer internships to work on a focused research project full time. Summer internships are determined on a case by case basis, and paid internships are dependent on the availability of funds. Existing undergraduate research assistants will be given preference when offering summer internships to UCSC students. We also welcome applications from highly qualified non-UCSC students for summer positions.”

Engineering & Staff Openings

  • Our open opportunities are posted on the Genomics Institute website. We particularly recruit talented software engineers, and take candidates with diverse educational backgrounds. For general inquiries, please send a resume and cover letter describing your interests and career goals to cgl-jobs@googlegroups.com.